A Freelancer Monthly Earning

There are many people who ask me this question That How much you earn in a month by freelancing. So I think that I will answer this question in a blog. S today I will give some information about a Freelancer Monthly Earning. It is very difficult to say about a freelancer earning. Because a freelancer does not get a fixed amount from her job. It fully depends on How much job he gets from her client. If he gets a lot of jobs from her client then he earns a big amount of money from that job and if he gets a small project from her client then he earns a little amount from freelancing.

So I can not give you the fixed amount of their earning. But a Bangladeshi Freelancer can earn around 500 Doller from Freelancing. But the freelancer should be an expert in his work. This amount is just for those people who are very expert in his work and he or she have a lot of working experience in Freelancing. A new freelancer can not earn this amount from the beginning of her freelancing career. The earning of a freelancer also depends on their Profession. In my recent blog, I discuss the freelancing career. I describe there that you can Freelance in different sectors. Freelancing is a Big sector. There are many sub-sector in this profession. So the earning of a freelancer also depend o the sector of the work.

So now I will give some information about The Different sector earning of a freelancer. I am a Web developer and also a Computer Programmer. So at first, I want to describe the earning of a Computer Programmer. A computer Programmer can work as a freelancer in all marketplace. There is much freelancing work available for a Computer Programmer. A computer Programmer can earn by Develop Computer Software. So there are many Software companies who hire freelancers to finish their work very fast. When they have a big project and they have to finish the project very soon. In this position this company higher Freelancer Programmer. They also give a big amount of money to the Programmer. many companies also give a fixed job to a Programmer freelancer. So you guys can understand that a Computer Programmer hoe much earn?

A web Developer also makes a big Amount from freelancing. is the best freelancing Marketplace for web Developers. Mostly People go to to hire a web developer. So this marketplace is known as a Web Developer Freelancing Marketplace. So if you are a Web Developer then you can try to get a job in web development from A web developer also can get the offer of a virtual job from Freelancing Marketplace. So a web developer can also earn from the online marketplace.

Digital marketing is also a big Sector of freelancing. You can earn a lot of money by Digital marketing from online marketplaces. A digital marketer can also earn from the local Marketplace. There are many Digital Marketers who just work locally. They also earn a huge amount of money from the local market. If you can not speak English well then it is very tough to get a job from the online marketplace. So if your English is not well then you can start Digital Marketing. Because you can also work in locally in this sector very easily and earn money from this sector.

Game Playing is very popular nowadays. Many people interested in game playing. They play games and enjoy it. So I hope the game developers can earn a lot of money by developing games. They can also work as a freelancer. There are many opportunities to earn money by Develop games. You can also earn money by showing ads in your games. You can use Google AdSense on your game. There are many game company they hire a lot of game developer for their company. A game developer can also be hired by a freelancing marketplace. So those people who love to play games can learn Game development and earn from it. I hope you guys understand that what I want to say.

SEO is a very famous freelancing profession. When you search for anything on google. Google gives you a lot of results according to your search key. If you also want to give your website as a result of search then you have to SEO on your website. SEO means Search Engine optimization. When a user search for anything then googles gives them a result. You also have to rank your website as a result of the search. So there are many people who hire an SEO expert to rank their website on google. So if you work as an SEO expert then there is a lot of opportunities to get work from the freelancing marketplace. But for this, you have to expert in SEO. You can learn SEO from Youtube. Also, there are many resources available now. So you can easily learn SEO from free resources. Also if you want to learn from any Institute then there are many institutes in Bangladesh. You can buy a course from them and learn from that institute.

Graphic design is a big sector for the Freelancer. If you have some designing knowledge then you can join this sector as a Freelancer. There are many jobs available in this sector. Many companies hire Graphic designers to make banners and many other designs to promote their company. Also there a lot of people who hire graphic designers to finish their work. So if you have an idea about design then you can start your journey in this sector.

Now there is also a question is that What I need to start freelancing? To be a freelancer you need a Computer. The configuration of your computer depends on the work that you want to do. If you want to be a Graphic Designer then you need a High Configuration Computer. But if you want to be a Digital Marketer then you can take a medium computer. So the configuration of your computer depends on your work.

I hope you guys get a lot of information about Freelancing. If you have any questions about Freelancing you can ask the question in the comment box. I will try my best to give you the answer very soon. Thanks for reads my blog and supporting me very much.

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