How to start Freelancing?

Today I will write a blog about Freelancing. Many people ask me a simple question. They ask me that How they can start freelancing? So I think that I should write a blog about this question. I hope you guys know what is freelancing. If you do not have any idea about Freelancing then you can read my recent blog about freelancing. I describe there what is freelancing. So if you do not know about freelancing then you can read this blog.

If you want to be a freelancer you have to start from the basics. At first, you need a computer and also neet Internet connection. If you have these two thing then you can start freelancing. You also need basic knowledge about Computers and the Internet. You also have to know that How an internet connection works and How you can communicate with others on the internet.

I hope you already have an idea about all this thing. If you have proper knowledge about that thing then you can start freelancing. I describe that what you need to start Freelancing. No, I will describe that How you can select a sector of freelancing and start learning your selected sector.

At first, you have to make a decision about the sector of freelancing. I mean in which sector you want to work. There are many sectors of freelancing you can work with one of the themes. But which one is best for you is the main question. If you select the wrong sector and take the wrong decision about this then you can not be a successful freelancer. You have to decide that what you want to learn. In which sector you fell batter for you. In which sector you love to work. Now I can help you to fix a sector for you.

If you are interested about Computer Programming then You can start Computer Programming. If you are interested about marketing and you want to build your own business the you can start learning digital marketing. If you are interested about Search Engin optimization the you can Learn SEO. If you learn SEO then you can rank your website or content in Search engin. So you can start SEO learning. If you think that you can make good design the you can try Graphic Design.

There is a lot of opportunity for a graphic designer. There are many companies that hire a graphic designer for their company. So if you think that you can make a good design then you can Learn Graphic design. After selecting the sector you want to work in you have to learn the work very goodly. If you learn the work very goodly then you can work with your clint very well. You have to be an expert in the work that you want to do as a freelancer.

When you have finished your learning. You have to try in an online freelancing marketplace to get a job from your client. There are many freelancing Marketplace to work as a freelancer. You have to know about the freelancing Marketplace. How does the freelancing marketplace work? You also have to know this. If you do not have any knowledge about the Freelancing marketplace then you can not get proper jobs from the freelancing Marketplace.

If you have proper knowledge about the marketplace then you can work with your clint very easily. Now the question is that Can I get a job from a freelancing marketplace without English? Now the answer to this question is that you have to learn English very well. Because you have to talk with your client to in English. You have to answer her question and also you have to ask him questions about the job.

So English is very important to get a job in the freelancing marketplace. There are many people who say that I can not speak English very well. So what can I do? The answer to this question is that you can work with you your local client and besides this, you can learn English.

When you have proper knowledge about the freelancing marketplace then you can keep trying in the marketplace. I hope you get a job in the marketplace very easily. If you are from Bangladesh then you have to face some problems in the marketplace because there are many freelancers from Bangladesh who spoil the name of Bangladeshi freelancer in the marketplace. So I think you have to face some embarrassment. But if you trying your best the I hope you get a better result.

Now I will share some of my opinion about the beginner Freelancer. You guys know that I am also a Freelancer for the last 2 years. So I have some experience with the freelancing marketplace. When you create an account in the freelancing marketplace you have to follow some steps to make your account more beautiful. In your account description, You have to write all the good things about yourself. You also have to write about the service that you provide to your buyer. The profile picture should be with a formal Dress. You have to make your Profile Professional. You have to provide all the information about your service. I recommend all the new Freelancers to start their Freelancing career by Fiver. Fiver is a Freelancing marketplace. You can get a job from this marketplace very easily.

Fiver is also a big freelancing market. Most of the people come here to hire a freelancer. This marketplace also gives you a lot of opportunities for the seller. It means you will get all types of opportunities to get a job from here. One of the most important things that can finish your Freelancing career is to Make clint to work outside the marketplace. You also have to know that you have to give 20% of your earnings to the freelancing marketplace as a fee. So many new freelancers try to get paid by the client outside of the marketplace. If you try this type of trick and the marketplace knows about this then the marketplace will disable your account. And you can not open an account on that marketplace. This wrong decision can finish your freelancing career. So I recommend you do not try to do this type of work.

No more today. If you have any questions about freelancing you can ask the question in the comment section. I try to answer your question. Thanks for reading my blogs.

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